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ONYX Concept


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2014 Range Rover Sport San Marino

Part No:

Stage 1

ONYX Front Bumper RS 1301
ONYX DRL’s + Carbon Holders RS 1302
ONYX Carbon Front Aero Bumper Guard RS 1303
ONYX Rear Bumper RS 1304
ONYX Carbon Rear Diffuser RS 1305
ONYX Marino Side Panel Pack RS 1306
ONYX Wide Arch Kit RS 1307
ONYX HEX Sport Bespoke Exhaust RS 1308
ONYX Logo and Letter RS 1309
ONYX Marino Rear Window Carbon Lip Spoiler RS 1310
ONYX Rear Rooftop Aero Top Spoiler RS 1311

Stage 2

ONYX Carbon Aero Side Sill Dam RS 1312
ONYX Marino Super V Carbon Bonnet RS 1313
ONYX Carbon Front Grill Cover RS 1314
ONYX Carbon Astler XL Carbon Side Vents RS 1315
ONYX Carbon Mirrors RS 1316
ONYX 22″ Alloy Wheels (23″ Alloy Wheels Option – €3,999) RS 1317

Bespoke Interior Options and Installation

San Marino Leather Interior Incl. Seats and Armrest (supply) RS 1318
San Marino Bespoke Quilted Nappa Complete Door Conversion RS 1319
San Marino Bespoke Quilted Nappa Lower Dash Trim Palate Upgrade RS 1320
San Marino Quilted Leather Roof Package RS 1321
ONYX Consolation Starlight Roof Upgrade RS 1322
Inhouse Custom Factory Coach Build Program Option RS 1323



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