Trevor Musgrave - ONYX ConceptONYX has been born of the challenge to question conformity, to rewrite the canvas that we have been forced to accept by living with mass-produced automobiles that are beginning to lose their style and appeal.


ONYX was created by those individuals in the key aspect of automobiles styling, the joining of leading forces in Sales, Design and Manufacturing. Our passion is to return mass produced vehicles to their concept guise, as they were first showcased and launched. The first outing by ONYX is the Range Rover Sport, receiving beautiful and curvaceous body style package with carbon fibre accessories. The interior luxury bespoke package also feature carbon inlay. This is what ONYX  truly believes customers have deserved all along.


Prototype vehicles are also in progress for the New Range Rover 2013 line up. Details will be released shortly.


Innovators, no imitators..