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ONYX Concept



ONYX Aero F2X Front Bumper
ONYX Front F2X Lower Carbon Aero Splitter
ONYX Front Side Vented Aero Bridge
ONYX F2X Side Carbon Sils Inc Fins
ONYX F2X Aero Rear Bumper
ONYX Carbon Long Tail Split Difusser
ONYX F2X Vented Carbon Side Window Cover
ONYX F2X Carbon Long Tail Spoiler And Roof Section
ONYX Bespoke Milled Exhaust Tips Quad
ONYX F2X Diamond Metal Grills and Mesh
ONYX Forged 21F + 22R Wheel Option Inc Tyres
ONYX Suspension Springs
ONYX LT Full Switchable Exhaust System
ONYX LT Clear Rear Light Option
ONYX Bespoke Satin Roof Tailored Paint Option
ONYX Factory Coach Build Program Option
ONYX Performance Engine Upgrade 800 bhp


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