Bespoke Automotive by Onyx

Onyx is a leading European design house of international repute.

A symbol of style and a bespoke creator of vehicles of purity, elegance and innovation. Onyx focus on design, engineering, conception and production of bespoke vehicles for discerning clientele that require more individuality.

Our Business from concept to reality.
Individuality, Innovation with Style, are the core values that characterise Onyx’s business as they forge ahead to reach the highest quality and design above all others. The superior craftsmanship with technology and functionality is the key instruments to show true innovation.

The Onyx style ethos is reflected in all of the lines, beauty and shape each element receives in their ability to bring and Onyx concept to life. From the founder of the company Trevor Musgrave and with his designers who operate at the Onyx design centre in Portugal. the Onyx distinctive design trait, a hallmark of true European design is an outline to the style of the future.

Onyx will continue its long-term artisan tradition with many offerings to come of unique cars that are created on some of the world’s most important car brands offering unique models with meticulous attention in terms of style and technology.