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ONYX Concept


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ONYX Supersport Vented BonnetGS 010 £2,069.00$2,999.00 €2,299.00

ONYX Supersport Vented BonnetGS 010 £2,069.00$2,999.00 €2,299.00


Part No:

Stage 1

ONYX Front Bumper GS 001
ONYX DRL’s with Carbon Vents GS 002
ONYX Vented Rear Bumper GS 003
ONYX Carbon Rear Diffuser GS 004
ONYX Wide Arch Kit GS 005
ONYX Vented Side Sill and Carbon Vents GS 006
ONYX Custom Exhaust Tips GS 007
ONYX Badge and Logo Program GS 008
ONYX GST Aero Rear Spoiler GS 009
ONYX Supersport Vented Bonnet GS 010

Stage 2

ONYX Rear Roof Fin GS 011
ONYX SideVents GS 012
ONYX Carbon Mirror Caps GS 013
ONYX 22″ Alloy Wheels GS 014

Bespoke Interior Options and Installation

ONYX Ducktail Spoiler GS 015
ONYX Lambs Wool Mats GS 016
ONYX Carbon Door Handles GS 017
ONYX Carbon Interior Trim Pack GS 018
ONYX GST Sport Grip Steering Option GS 019
GST Duo Nappa Leather Interior Incl. Seats and Armrest (supply) GS 020
GST Bespoke Quilted Nappa Lower Dash Trim Palate Upgrade GS 021
ONYX Exhaust System With Power Pack Plus Upgrade GS 022
ONYX Power Engine Map Plus BHP Upgrade Option GS 023
Inhouse Custom Factory Coach Build Program Option GS 024



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